Al via anche gli italiani Valentina Belotti (Us Malonno), Fabio Ruga (La Recastello – Team Scarpa) ed Emanuele Manzi (Us Malonno – Team Scarpa)


Si correrà nella notte italiana a New York la 45^ edizione della gara di vertical running più famosa e prestigiosa al mondo. Gli atleti dovranno risalire gli 86 piani e 1576 gradini dell’iconico edificio newyorkese. Ad inseguire una storica vittoria saranno al maschile Fabio Ruga, “esperto” corridore sui grattacieli che punta a migliorare il terzo posto dello scorso anno quando giunse alle spalle del malese Son Wai Ching e del giapponese Rioji Watanabe. Torna nella grande mela anche Emanuele Manzi che vanta un secondo posto ottenuto del 2016. Per la prima volta al via in campo femminile la campionessa italiana di Chilometro Verticale Valentina Belotti che dovrà vedersela con la messicana Maria Elisa Lopez, la giapponese Yuko Tateishi, la tedesca Verena Schmitz e le americana Shari Klarfel seconda lo scorso anno.


Empire State Building Run Up – New York – October 4, 2023

There will be at least one new champion at the 45th edition of Empire State Building Run Up ! The first absence in 25 years of 6 time champion Cindy Harris opens up a wide range. On one side there are the Empire experienced athletes. Home favourite Shari Klarfeld from Long Island, who came within 4 seconds of Cindy last year, and Mexican Maria Elisa Lopez both have a few podium spots on their record and know the stairwell. On the other side we have many Empire newbies with great potential but not used to mass start. Valentina Belotti from Italy seems to have most chances for at least a podium place, but will be contended by Japanese Yuko Tateishi who recently excelled in European races. Not to forget two athletes from Germany, Verena Schmitz and Monica Carl, later clocked 3rd-fastest time last year from outside the elite heat. Excitement is guaranteed !

The 42nd Annual Empire State Building Run-Up, May 14, 2019 in New York. The race covers 86 floors, 1,576 stairs, approximately 1/5 of a mile vertically.

More predictable is the situation for the male athletes.The Top3 from last year are on the line again and it looks like there will be an Asian duel for victory. Two time winner and defending champion Wai Ching Soh from Malaysia and last year runner up Ryoji Watanabe from Japan have raced each other a few times this year with different outcome. A complete repeat of last year’s podium is even possible as Italian Fabio Ruga will challenge the two favourites again. From a home point of view Empire veteran Sproule Love and youngster Cole Hetzel should be the strongest US participants.Other contenders for top spots are US runners Jason Larson and David Roeske and from Europe Belgian Omar Bekkali as well as from Italy Valentina’s husband Emanuele Manzi. But of course, as always in sports, surprises cannot be ruled out !