UTAT offers a unique experience in an unforgettable territory : The High Atlas! A beautiful yet demanding playground, due to the altitude and the technical trails. A land of mountains where the inhabitants have an innate sense of hospitality, with a base camp like no other on the plateau of Oukaïmeden at an altitude of 2600 m.

Until we know the exact conditions and the possibilities of organizing the 12th edition, we have opened up pre-registrations. No need for a deposit, or a firm confirmation, to guarantee a slot on the starting line at the race of your choice. ̋ For those who are already registered, or pre- registered, for the event in 2020: no need for additional steps to be taken, the registration is automatically transferred to 2021. ̋

For details, please check our website: https://

There are still uncertainties, but our motivation remains intact and we make every possible effort to put on a great 12th edition in October!


For more than 12 years, UTAT has confirmed its position as the first and foremost ultra- trail on the African continent. Founded and masterfully organized by Cyrille Cismondini, passionate about outdoor sports and territory of Haut Atlas, and a Moroccan resident since 2007.

Created in 2009, the event aspires to the discovery of the territory, its culture and its inhabitants whilst offering a first-class international event. We ensure that the event contributes to the development of the Haut Atlas territory and work with different local actors to produce the event.


UTAT 105: 105 kms / 8000 D+
MARATHON DE L’ATLAS: 42 kms / 2600 D+ VIREE D’IKKISS : 26 kms / 1400 D+ CHALLENGE DE L’ATLAS : 42 kms + 26 kms AMAZIGH TRAIL: 12 kms / 500 D+