“IT IS ON”, is the message from the Skyrunner® World Series today. After a one year break, the official skyrunning circuit is back in business for 2021. The 13-race season will begin in April with the Mt Awa Skyrace® in Japan before visiting 10 different countries and finishing with the Limone Skyrace® Extreme in Italy. After a disappointing year for all sporting disciplines worldwide, today’s announcement is the one that fans, athletes and organisers have all been waiting for.

Geneva, 22.12.2020 – Although the state of the world in 2021 is still unclear, one thing is for sure: the Skyrunner® World Series is dedicated to bringing the sport back into the homes and hearts of the skyrunning
 community. Since the cancellation of the 2020 circuit, a new calendar for the upcoming year has been created and a strategy that will allow the circuit to go ahead in 2021 and act as a stepping stone for an even stronger 2022 season.

 “Our number one priority is to create a platform that keeps the Skyrunner® World Series alive and on the map. We realise that we have to adapt and we will adapt, but we will not give up,” explains Seana Forbes, Skyrunner® World Series representative, “Yes, things will be different but everyone involved in the circuit is dedicated to making it the best it can be. We will work with the conditions that we are faced with and we will do our best with what the conditions allow. Right now, we all just can’t wait to be back at a Skyrunner® World Series starting line.”

The 2021 calendar will comprise of 13 of the world’s best 
skyraces, including the majority of those announced for 2020, a new event in Madeira and the new races that were added to the calendar in 2020 but will now make their series debut a year later.

The circuit will have an overall ranking, updated and published after each race. Points will be allocated to the top 20 males and females of each event. Although there will be neither a SkyMasters 
or SuperSky race status, the Skyrunner® World Series and its partner, MERRELL, sponsor of the Skyrunner® World Series Overall Ranking, are happy to announce that the female and male winner will receive a prize of 2,000 €, based on a maximum of their four best results.

The Skyrunner® World Series now invites 
skyrunners from all over the world to come and join the circuit, relive the adrenaline and excitement of running above the clouds and share the indescribable emotions of crossing a Skyrunner® World Series finish line.

Credit foto David Carlier – Alexis Berg