Kilian Jornet: 2020 sulle montagne.

Il campione catalano continuerà a praticare diverse discipline di cui è appassionato.

La sua attenzione sarà focalizzata su due gare così come una spedizione in Himalaya e diversi progettiti sportivi in Norvegia.

Quest’anno minimizzerà i suoi viaggi per supportare la tutela dell’ambiente.

Riguardo alle sue competizioni, pur partecipando in poche altre gare che serviranno come allenamento, l’obiettivo è rivolto ad una gara invernale di sci alpinismo in Francia (il Pierra Menta in programma dall’11 al 14 marzo)) – e una di trail running, la Pikes Peak Marathon negli Stati Uniti del 23 agosto).

Ecco il comunicato completo in lingua inglese:

Kilian Jornet, 2020 in the mountains
Jornet will continue to combine different mountain disciplines which he is passionate about

He intends to focus on two races, as well as an expedition to the Himalayas and different sporting projects in Norway

This year Jornet also wants to minimize his travel in order to support environmental preservation

For Kilian Jornet the change into 2020 is merely a continuation of what he does all year round: be in the mountains. At this time, the athlete from La Cerdanya who is based in Norway is combining mountain ski training with all the possibilities that the winter has to offer: downhill skiing, ice climbing, mountaineering… With all these activities Jornet confirms his determination to be a 360º athlete. “Being in the mountains is what I love. Whether it’s skiing, running or climbing, all it depends on is the season or the projects I have in mind.”

Kilian Jornet’s priority has always been the mountains, but now he combines it with his other great passion: his family. This is why he has decided to devote all of his energy to spending time with his daughter, who is almost a year old. Together with his partner, the athlete Emelie Forsberg, they organize their time between training and looking after their family to achieve the perfect balance.

As well as the family element, Jornet is ever more conscious of the impact that we as human beings have on the natural environment and he wants to do all he can to minimize it. In addition to the numerous initiatives he has put into effect over the years, this season he wants to go one step further: “The mountains are my life and my playing field, but I want them to be for future generations as well. This is why it is crucial for us to do everything we can to preserve it. Among other things, this year I want to choose and plan the trips I do for competitions or expeditions more carefully. Emelie and I will try to combine our agendas so that we are away for longer periods of time when we have to go far, thus avoiding short-haul flights. Whenever possible, we will travel by train or car, and we will only travel for races or projects which are genuinely important to us.”

With all these preconditions, Jornet has created his 2020 agenda, which will combine competing with mountaineering and his personal projects in Norway, in this way spending more time with his family and avoiding air travel as much as possible.

With regards to his competitions, Jornet has focused on two events, although he will also take part in a few others which will serve as training. His chosen races this year are Pierra Menta for mountain skiing and Pikes Peak for trail running. Pierra Menta is probably the most legendary mountain ski race. Participants compete in pairs over four stages in the French town of d’Areches-Beaufort. Jornet has taken part in this race and won on numerous occasions. The last time he competed in it, he was in the lead until he fell and broke his tibia, unfortunately meaning that he had to drop out of the race. This summer Jornet will travel to the USA to take part in Pikes Peak, one of the most emblematic races there is.

In mountaineering, Jornet wants to return for another year to the Himalayas. As he did in autumn 2019, Jornet wants to climb on his own again, testing himself at high altitude for various projects that he has in mind. There he will continue to apply his minimalist philosophy, “fast & light”, for going to high mountains.
As well as these events, Jornet will continue to develop sporting projects in Norway, similar to those which in recent years led him to ski down the Troll Wall or test his body to see how many hours he could last for while running, as featured in the documentary “A Long Day Out”.

Ultimately, this year looks to be an interesting one for Kilian Jornet, both in his challenges, and the direction is he taking with regards to social and environmental consciousness.

Kilian Jornet skiing in Norway. Credit: Matti Bernitz