Cristóbal Adell (14:25:59) and Katie Chide (19:31:41) won in the 110 km. Gilles Frediani (24:50:55) and Daphne Derpuche (34:01:19) were the best it in the 150 km.

From June 14 to 16, nearly a thousand trail runners have competed in a completely renovated Ultra-Trail Côte D’Azur Mercantour with a new organizational team.

With more than 10% of women in the starting line, the Ultra-Trail Côte d’Azur Mercantour had a 5% international participation with Italy, Spain and Belgium as the main countries.

Endless Pools Shoot – Maastricht MECC 20/10/2017

A competition in five distances

In a place of great natural beauty, the Ultra-Trail Côte d’Azur Mercantour started on the coast and crossed beautiful landscapes until reaching the highest peaks of Mercantour.

A route that allowed the athletes to enjoy the race and to discover a beautiful region.

In this 2019 edition, the Ultra-Trail Côte d’Azur Mercantour has had a competition program with five distances:

– 150 km Individual, team relays of 2 or team relays of 4.

– 40 km.

– 15 km

– Vertical kilometer.

Thanks to this program, athletes of different levels were able to participate in this great sporting event.

Gilles Frediani, the best in 150 km

After winning in 2017 and getting a second place in 2018, Gilles Frediani, from the Vésubie Trail Club was the big favorite in a 150 km ultra trail with more than 10,000 m of elevation gain. Finally, the French athlete won in 150 km in a time of 24:50:55. Gilles thanked the support of his colleagues and friends and remarked the hardness of the last 50 km.

Emmanuel Faucon (25:37:32) and Christophe Tieran (26:53:30) completed the podium.

In the women’s category, great triumph of Daphne Derouche (34:01:19) followed by Oana Mihalcea (second in 35:38:13) and Karine Lorvellec (third in 36:18:41).

Emotive victory of Cristóbal Adell in 110 km

In the 110 km, the first place was for the Spaniard Cristóbal Adell. The La Sportiva Team runner completed the race (7,030 meters+, 6,440 meters- and a maximum altitude of 2,492 meters) in a time of 14 hours 25 minutes and 59 seconds.

On the finish line, Cristóbal explained to the public how he had driven 1,000 km from Spain and how Sara, his wife, followed him throughout the night with a 5-month-old baby.

In second place, the very young Yohan Viani, 20, in 15:28:17. And third, Thibault Alix, at 18:22:11.

In the women’s category, victory of the American Katie Chide (19:31:41) who, with almost 8 hours of advantage over the second classified, achieved the seventh place in the general classification. Second place for Cristina Peretti (27:21:57) and third for Ingrid Guillaume (28:43:30).

ITRA Points

The Ultra-Trail Côte d’Azur Mercantour is a scoring race for the UTMB. It has awarded the following ITRA points: 150 km = 6 points, 110 km = 5 points and 40 km = 2 points.

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