Bell’esordio di stagione per la campionessa mondiale lunghe distanze

Kowalczyk and Rampazzo, the Marathon winners

The French runners Guibert and Lafaye take over their respective categories in Starter

The victory for Promo modality goes to Rafael Trinidad and Irene Ambrozova

On Saturday, the German runner Janosch Kowalczyk and Italian runner Silvia Rampazzo have been the winners of the Transgrancanaria Marathon in male and female categories. The Teutonic runner reached the finish line with a time of 2:51, whereas the Transalpine runner got a time of 3:12.

Within this race modality, the Cape Verdean runner Danilson Silva and the Italian runner Simone Wegher joined Kowalczyk in second and third position. The French runners Jamsin and Roux fulfilled the female podium in Marathon.

In Starter (32 km), France has taken over the podium with the male category: Augustin Guibert reached the finish line in first position, closely followed by Matis Bondurand and Romuald Brun. The also French runner Céline Lafaye goes first in female category. Second and third position were occupied by Katrina Kantor and Ester Casajuana.

The Spanish runner Rafael Trinidad and the Czech runner Irena Ambrozova won the Promo modality (17 km), the fastest race of Transgrancanaria with a start line located in Ayagaures. Lluis Tort and Eduardo González reached the finish line in second and third position. In female category, Katarzyna Stolorz  and Samanta Vega did the same, after Ambrozova.

1. Janosch Kowalczyk. 2:51:16
2. Danilson Pereira. 2:54:57
3. Simone Wegher. 2:57:46

1. Silvia Rampazzo. 3:12:50
2. Lucie Jasmin. 3:19:52
3. Julie Roux. 3:30:52

1. Augustin Guibert. 2:02:41
2. Matis Bondurand. 2:03:08
3. Romuald Brun. 2:05:20

1. Celine Lafaye. 2:18:14
2. Katrina Kantor. 2:19:07
3. Ester Casajuana. 2:26:06

1. Rafael Trinidad. 1:11:32
2. Lluis Tort. 1:11:54
3. Eduardo González. 1:14:09

1. Irena Ambrozova. 1:34:23
2. Katarzyna Stolorz. 1:41:59
3. Samanta Vega. 1:42:48