E’ stato definito il calendario 2016 delle Skyrunner® World Series con diverse tappe italiane al suo interno: oltre alle collaudate tappe di Canazei Dolomites Skyrace e Vertical, Limone sul GardaLimone Xtreme Skyrace e Vertical Ghreste de la Mughera–  e Valmasino con il  Trofeo Kima (catalogato nella nuova serie “sky extreme”) ci sarà l’ingresso di due gare che coinvolgeranno l’alta Valtellina: si tratterà di Santa Caterina Valfurva con il Santa Caterina Vertical Livigno con la Livigno Outdoor Race Experience. Come anticipato oltre alle già collaudate serie di gare SKY, ULTRA, e VERTICAL si aggiunge un nuovo format, quello delle SKY EXTREME. Si tratterà di gare molto tecniche come lo storico ed iconico Trofeo Kima a cui si aggiungerà la gara norvegese targata Kilian Jornet Tromso Skyrace per concludere con la scozzese Glen Coe Skyline che sembrerebbe essere addirittura la più impegnativa. 2016 SKYRUNNER® WORLD SERIES SKY April 30 – Yading Skyrun – 29 km, Sichuan – China May 22 – Maratón Alpina Zegama-Aizkorri – 42 km, Zegama – Spain June 26 – Livigno Outdoor Race Experience – 30 km, Livigno – Italy July 17 – Dolomites SkyRace® – 22 km, Canazei – Italy July 31 – SkyRace® Coma Pedrosa – 22 km, Andorra August 20 – Matterhorn Ultraks 46K – Zermatt – Switzerland September 4 – The Rut 25K – Big Sky Montana – USA October 22 – Limone Extreme SkyRace® – 23 km, Limone sul Garda – Italy SKY EXTREME August 7 Tromsø SkyRace® – 50km, Tromsø – Norway August 28 – Kima Trophy – 50 km, Valmasino – Italy September 18 – Glen Coe Skyline – 53 km, Glen Coe – Scotland ULTRA May 7 – Transvulcania Ultramarathon – 75 km, La Palma – Spain June 4 – Ultra SkyMarathon® Madeira – 55 km, Madeira – Portugal July 10 – High Trail Vanoise – 68 km, Val d’Isère – France September 4 – The Rut 50K – Big Sky,  Montana – USA September 24 – Ultra Pirineu – 110 km, Bagà – Spain VK May 5 – KM Vertical – La Palma – Spain June 24 – Santa Caterina Vertical Kilometer – Sondrio – Italy July 10 – Kilomètre Vertical Face De Bellevarde – Val d’Isère – France July 15 – Dolomites Vertical Kilometer® – Canazei – Italy August 5 – Blaman Vertical – Tromsø – Norway September 2 – Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer® – Big Sky, Montana – USA October 21- Limone Extreme Vertical Kilometer® – Limone sul Garda – Italy Skyrunner® World Series Ranking Maximum number of results scored: Sky Extreme: two best results Ultra: three best results Sky & Vertical: four best results Ranking points breakdown: 100-88-78-72-68… down to 2 points, to the 30th position for men and 15th position for women. Ranking points in the final races will be increased by 20% News in english: The 2016 Skyrunner® World Series takes skyrunning to the next level. The best races, new events and what’s more, it’s going extreme!In addition to the successful Vertical, Sky and Ultra formats, we are pleased to announce the introduction of the Sky Extreme Series. Three countries, three super-technical races represent a real opportunity to embrace the skyrunning ethos. Kilian Jornet comments, “When I discovered Skyrunning years ago it was the images of small runners traversing huge glaciers, scrambling rock ridges and descending steep snow fields. I’m really happy to see this new Series, with the most technical races –  the soul of skyrunning!” The Sky Extreme kicks off on August 7, with the Tromsø SkyRace® in Norway, where Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg launched the first, made-to-measure SkyRace in Northern territories.  To complete the Sky Extreme Series, the biennial Kima Trophy is back and concludes with new entry, the Glen Coe Skyline. Set in the Scottish Highlands, it’s probably the toughest skyrunning race to date. The Sky Series counts now 8 races in 6 countries as it goes to Mainland China with the Yading Skyrun which opens the season in April.  The highest race in the World Series, it reaches a breath-taking 4,700m altitude on the Tibetan Plateau in China’s spectacular Sichuan mountains. More new races include the Livigno Outdoor Race Experience and Santa Caterina Vertical Kilometer® in Sondrio, Italy, designed by the magic hand of top skyrunner Marco De Gasperi. Summiting the highest point in the Principality of Andorra, the SkyRace® Comapedrosa represents a true skyrunning challenge, reaching nearly 3,000m elevation. New entry from Portugal, the Ultra SkyMarathon® Madeira will  offer a challenging and technical 55k to the island’s highest point. To reward the remarkable effort of the athletes competing in the Series, the end of season prize purse will be € 36,000, making a combined prize of over € 135,000.  Marino Giacometti, skyrunning founder and ISF president, says, “We’re glad we can give more back to the athletes. In this sport, the rewards don’t just come from touching the sky, but a tangible compensation for their incredible performance.” Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates.