How are you and how has your winter season gone? I’m fine. Everythıng is fıne, I stayed ın Ethıopıa until april for traınıng camp. My conditıon ıs goıng up day by day.My winter season went good. After the last, long season, I took a long break for rest and recovery the strengths. Now I just started with the preparation for the new race season.

We see you started with stair climb races (New York), finishing at 7th place. Did you enjoyed this experience? I tested myself in some different kind of races in the last winter . Stair climbing is an attractive sport, so I went to New York for Empire State Building Run Up. This also because in the winter season ı don’t have any race. I’m not used to do cross country or road races, and I liked to try another different race! It was only a test for fun, without big trainings behind this. I enjoyed the race and atmosphere, and I was so happy for this fırst experience! I think in the future, when I will be focus on these races, there will come the good results.

What are your goals for this year, will you try some long mountain running distances? I have 3 big aims in this season. The first is the European mountaın runnıng champıonshıps in Turkey, the World mountaın runnıng Champıonshıps and mountaın Grand Prix international. Of course, I will try for win three gold medals! I would like even test me in some long distance races this season. The Sierre Zinal, as an example, is the race I’d like to do and it would be a good race for my debut, but this summer my calendar is very busy, so I will try something different after the World Champs. Do you know the European Champs course in Turkie? Could you explane us if it will be tecnical o an easy course? I had a few ınformatıons about the Europeans race course, and actually I didn’t saw the new course. The ınformatıons I have are on the web page: When and where your season will start with mountain running races? The first race in this new season will be the 17th may in France with the Grand Ballon race, an uphill race 13km with more than 1000mt elevation. This will be the first race of WMRA G. P. Race. Will you go in altitude this summer for training? I’m always used to do training camp in altitude. I did it in Ethiopia in winter and in summer time I use to prepare my races in Turkey, but actually I didn’t decided yet when and where to go. How are your feelings compared to the other years at this point of the season? This year I’m followed by a new coach. I changed mentality and tried different kind of trainings. I hope this way will pay off this year, and with the experience I have now, I wish It could be the best season of my carreer. Turkey is doing a lot for developing mountain running. Do you think we will see a new Ahmet in the senior category very soon? I hope we could have very soon some young mountain runners in Turkey. I try to do my best to be an good example for the young athletes. We have many strong athletes in the junıor category, but I hope we can see these athletes ın the next 2-3 years on the top of senıor category! Do you partecipate at the WMRA Gp this year? Yes, as I told before, some races of WMRA Grand Prix Series is in my program for 2012. Running on the Ski-jumping slope. Could you tell us about this format race sponsored by Red Bull? Running on the Ski Jumping platform a very innovative and interesting idea. This is made by Red Bull, my sponsor and in first line in the marketing and promoting new attractive situations . Red Bull makes the difference in its events, every race is fun and promotion. This is a good example for developing our sport. I like so much this kind of race. Normally this sprınt distance takes me up to 5 minutes. You have to run up for 400 mt on the slope platform the ski jumpers are use to do “flying” down. Red Bull motto says about this race : the world hardest 400 mt race. Red Bull 400. And I can confirm it’s for sure!! This is my web page, you can follow me here!!